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Pre-Construction Services

Site Selection and Property Acquisition (Due Diligence)

JDL Warm Construction is accustomed to being involved with our clients early on in the process.   We have many services we provide relative to the due diligence of a site including: locating potential sites, evaluating existing site conditions (analyzing Phase 1 Studies, Soils reports, other environmental issues), addressing zoning requirements, analyzing code compliance issues, site access and location of utilities, pro forma analysis with budgetary pricing input (overall project feasibility study), and assisting with financing the project. We can assist our client to secure financing for themselves or we can own the facility and lease it back to our client.


Preliminary Design/Concept Development

JDL Warm Construction has architects and engineers on staff to provide master planning, preliminary design/space planning and develop a needs assessment program for our clients to create a vision and budget for their new facility.  Typically we establish a target budget with our client and then our team of licensed professionals and designers work with our estimating department to create a preliminary design that meets our clients needs and budget.   The preliminary design phase is a crucial part of the process because a clients’ facility often defines their brand identity.



Throughout the process of providing the preliminary design, JDL Warm Construction continually updates our conceptual budgeting and preliminary scheduling to reflect the changes in design from our value engineering ideas.  We thoroughly analyze different phasing options, pricing alternatives, and scheduling options with our clients as we develop the various alternatives.  We take a “fast track” approach to all aspects of a project by working on these numerous tasks at the same time because we know the schedule is important (time is money).  Upon deciding on a preliminary design concept we provide the client with a reliable budget number.  JDL Warm Construction then hires a third party architect, that best fits the needs of our client, to turn our preliminary design into permit ready construction drawings.  As we submit for permit, we put the drawings “on the street” and develop a final budget at this time.


Pre-Construction services are the crucial first step toward creating your new building. Once we’ve developed an idea of what you’d like to build, its time to decide on the best delivery system.  JDL Warm Construction can delivery your project in a number of different ways, though we highly recommend the Design Build delivery method.


Our various delivery methods are: