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JDL Warm Construction actively bids projects on the more traditional platform, the Design-Bid-Build delivery system.  Under this delivery system a prospective client will hire an architect to design their new facility.  The owner and architect will then select numerous construction firms and those firms will bid the project based on the drawings and specifications.  Under this scenario, given its competitive nature, many construction firms will bid the drawings with a very literal approach and any errors and/or omissions that were made by the architect will usually result in unforeseen extras to the owner that can lead to finger pointing and an unsatisfied client.



JDL Warm Construction separates ourselves from our competition by our approach to Design-Bid-Build projects.  We too will bid the drawings with a literal approach, however if we are asked to review our numbers with the potential client we will advise them at that time where we feel either extra money must be spent to meet the current design’s intent.  Alternatively, we also can offer value engineering ideas at that time to get the overall project cost to a budget number that works for the client.  It is our Design Build mentality that allows us to critically analyze the drawings while we are bidding them rather than bidding strictly per plans and specifications.